Introducing the Map of Conference Venues

As the countdown to the „Advances in Geosciences for Smart Transformation“ conference continues, we are excited to unveil the latest addition to our conference resources – the all-new map of conference venues. This map promises to be an invaluable tool for attendees, helping them navigate the various event locations seamlessly and make the most of their conference experience.

The „Advances in Geosciences for Smart Transformation“ conference is set to take place in a diverse array of locations across the unique building of Sofia University.

From state-of-the-art lecture halls to interactive spaces and picturesque outdoor settings for networking, our conference venues have been carefully selected to provide a rich and dynamic environment for knowledge exchange.

You can access the map file in high resolution here.

Conference Program Now Available for „Advances in Geosciences for Smart Transformation“ Event

Celebrating 60 Years of the Faculty of Geology and Geography

Sofia, Bulgaria, 20.09.2023 – The Faculty of Geology and Geography is excited to announce that the conference program for the highly anticipated „Advances in Geosciences for Smart Transformation“ event is now available. This extraordinary conference, organized to commemorate the faculty’s 60th anniversary, promises to be a landmark gathering of geographers from around the world.

The „Advances in Geosciences for Smart Transformation“ conference is set to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, marking a significant milestone for the Faculty of Geology and Geography, which has been at the forefront of geological and geographical research and education for six decades.

As geoscientists, researchers, and experts from various corners of the globe prepare to converge at this prestigious event, the conference program offers a glimpse into the diverse and cutting-edge discussions, presentations, and workshops that attendees can look forward to.

Detailed information for all the sessions and halls is available here.

First Invitation

The Faculty of Geology and Geography will reach its 60th anniversary in 2023. To celebrate this creation, the evolution of the faculty over the last 60 years, and its contemporary and future significance, we are organizing an extraordinary conference, gathering geographers from all the countries.

We are pleased to invite you to the International conference “Advances in geosciences for smart transformation”, which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2023.

The conference under the theme of “Advances in geosciences for smart transformation” will provide an important channel for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among researchers.

Our world faces many common natural, economic, and societal challenges that can only be dealt with through global action, understanding and sharing. The theme of our conference will focus on the central role that geography plays in developing transformation through the regions and the world.